Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 14965が配信開始されました



 11/10より、Insider Previewの最新版である「14965」の配信が、Fast Ring向けに開始されました。同日には先ほど記事にした月例更新も来ているので、あわただしい感じがしますね。


Other improvements and fixes for Mobile

・We fixed an issue where, when using Cortana in French (France or Canada), the “Prendre une <photo/video/selfie>” (take a picture, video, or selfie) command was redirecting to a Bing search rather than opening the Camera app as expected.
・We fixed an issue resulting in Cortana crashing if you typed “Create an appointment” then tapped on the resulting suggestion to “Create an appointment”.
・We improved the performance for English (India) text prediction.
・We fixed an issue in Data Usage Settings, where after selecting the data plan to be unlimited, it would still prompt to set a limit. We’ve also made it easier in the Data Usage Settings for those with dual SIM phones to differentiate between the cellular data use on each SIM, and fixed a few other polish issues, including that the sort by dropdown on the Usage Details page was unexpectedly wide.
・We fixed an issue where Narrator wasn’t giving feedback when adjusting sliders, for example in Settings, or in the Volume flyout.
・We fixed a migration issue resulting in Microsoft Edge to fail to launch for some Insiders after updating to a new build.





 また、先日からですが、Insider向けに2016年11月度のBug Bashがはじまっています。フィードバックHubのクエストを開くと確認できます。(Insider Preview以外の端末からでも見えますが)

wp_ss_20161110_0002 wp_ss_20161110_0003




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