Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 14915.1000 が配信開始されました

wp_ss_20160901_0001 image

 9/1 AM2時頃より、Insider Previewの最新版である「14915.1000」の配信がFast Ring向けに開始されました。PC向けとMobile向けの両方に配信されております。PC向けには、ネットワーク上の他PCを経由してWindows Updateを取得する、といったような機能が追加されたようですね。Mobileにはありませんが。


・We fixed the issue causing apps to get stuck in a pending state if you move apps between a SD card and internal storage (either direction).
・We fixed the issue causing Cortana’s text to speech capabilities to not work. Cortana should be able to read text messages out loud for you, tell jokes, sing, or give verbal prompts as expected.
・Changing functionality via Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program such as your ring settings should now work again on this build. For more information ? see this forum post.
・We fixed a compatibility issue from a recent platform change that causes apps such as Yahoo Mail, Trivia Crack, Google and the Skype Translator Preview app to crash.
・We made a number of improvements to translations, including fixing an issue with Store app install notifications, where the wrong verb was used in German when letting you know to check out the app.
・We have updated “You need to fix your MSA” notification toast logic, so it will no longer notify you multiple times in quick succession.
・We fixed an issue where examining Microsoft Edge’s advanced settings would result in subsequent downloads in Edge saving to the default locations, rather the preferred locations set under Settings > System > Storage.
・We fixed an issue for Continuum-capable devices that could result in being temporarily unable to connect to a previously paired Windows 10 PC.
・We have updated the settings for sounds so that .mp3 or .wma files downloaded straight from OneDrive or copied from File Explorer to the phone’s Ringtones folder will now display automatically in the list of available sounds for ringtones, alarms and notifications.


 さて、まだ特にこれといって目立った新機能の追加はない、新しいInsider Preview。当面は、内部的な変更やそれに伴うバグ修正が続くと思われます。前に触れられていた通り、しばらくの間は致命的な問題が紛れ込む可能性が高い、危険な状態となりますので、Insider Preview適用する際には重々ご注意願います。



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