Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 14393.5 が配信開始されました


 7/26より、Insider Previewの最新版である「14393.5」の配信が、Fast Ring向けに開始されました。全開の14393.3と同様に、累積的な更新として公開されており、細かいバグ修正が主な更新内容のようです。
 今回もビルド番号は末尾しか変わっておらず、いよいよもって、この14393.xが、Anniversary UpdateのRTMという噂が信ぴょう性を増してきましたね。



•We have improved reliability and performance of Microsoft Edge with AdBlock and LastPass extensions enabled. These extensions should continue to work after installing other extension updates from the Store.
•We fixed an issue causing battery to drain due to runaway CPU processes while a device is idle. We also fixed a battery life issue due to the proximity sensor always running on some devices.
•We fixed an issue causing Store apps to stop launching due to a licensing issue.
•We have fixed an issue that results in Windows Updates being delayed on systems with Connected Standby.
•We fixed an issue where the Korean IME would not have the correct composition on some custom TSF3 edit controls on PC.
•We fixed an issue where you might not be able to type in text into Search or some Store apps without having to restart the process.
•We have fixed an issue where keyboard input on some Windows tablet devices would not rotate to landscape normally.


 今回が最後の更新となるのか。それともまだ更新があるのか。どちらになるかは謎ですが、あったとしても今回のような細かいバグ修正でしょう。いよいよAnniversary Updateも最終段階に入った感じですね……胸が熱くなるな!



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