Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 10586.71の配信が開始されました

 2/2 AM3時くらいより、Fast Ring向けに「10586.71」の配信が開始された模様です。

wp_ss_20160202_0002 image


 今後の詳細は公式ブログには書かないよ、的なことが以前言われておりましたが、今回は何故かさらっと公式ブログに内容が掲載されています。もちろん、Insider Hubでの告知もされているのですが……。





Fixes include:

  • Windows Update performance and reliability improvements
  • Improvements in migration of data profiles and messaging settings when upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1.
  • SensorCore API’s are now upgraded correctly from Windows Phone 8.1; allowing applications, including many fitness applications, to correctly access movement data.
  • SD card detection has been improved on boot and after insertion; File Explorer now handles the removal of an SD card when the default for apps or photos are set to SD.
  • Improvements in the Edge browser, including PDF rendering.
  • Bluetooth improvements when re-connecting to already paired devices and cars; turn by turn directions, and when using Cortana with the Microsoft Band.
  • Improvements in Settings when downloading Maps or changing Quick Settings.
  • Reinstalling Groove Music from the Windows Store no longer causes DRM music playback issues. Groove Music local song collections are now more quickly imported within the application
  • Device power improvements after listening to music, after missed phone calls when iris detection is disabled, and when downloading updates.
  • In app purchases now work correctly when cellular data is disabled.
  • Improvements to the reliability of Kids Corner.


 大きな機能追加等は無いようですが、細かい不具合もまだあるWindows 10 Mobileですので、それらがどこまで改善されているかに期待です。そして正式配布が早く開始されてほしいですので、気付いた点などはガシガシフィードバックを投げていきましょう。



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